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Signature Weddings by Wedding Theory


Relive an authentic moment with our candid photography! Trust us when we say we've got hands-on expertise in this space. Our team of 2- 3 technical experts with significant experience in the field, a sharp eye for detail, and a swift presence of mind will get the job done. We use what professionals call the photojournalistic method to capture every bright smile, every teardrop that rolls down the cheek, moments of amusement, a loud compelling laugh, and whatever the eye tends to miss. Every frame is well planned, using the available light and state-of-the-art equipment to capture these portraits. Post the event, the photos are hand-picked for edits, and the team with new-age technology will perfectly edit every picture. 

 Candid Photography 


Imagine your love story was the most romantic movie you've ever seen! We can make that happen. We create cinematic films unparalleled in the market that captures the best moments of your wedding. With an industry experience of 10+ years, our film experts have the added advantage of creating something new every time. The team consists of 2 - 3 candid professional videographers.


Documentation of the movie will include the time you start preparing for your big day, till the end and all the shenanigans that go on between the day.


Wait, there's more! Our wedding films are genuinely one of a kind. The video is generally conversational, while the Wedding Song is the heart of the film. However, we have gone one step ahead, we'd compose an original track for the couple making a true fairy tale story!   

Yes, You read it right. We do collaborate with the independent artist to help us create the song of our dream.

Here is the link to our first song - 





Just when you think planning your wedding day is done, it's time to create your wedding album!

Worry not; we're here to help you. As much as we've taken an interest in covering your big day with photos and films, we'd like you to cherish them forever. You can view our wedding photo album designs and templates to showcase your big day with style and elegance. With in-house experts, your wedding photo album is custom-made with collages and professionally designed templates from scratch to give a perfect finish.

An old-school, beautifully printed album with tons of memories that make you move, in your hand; what's not to like?

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