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"The Grandeur of a South India Wedding"

South Indian wedding ceremony, The wedding ceremony has been divided into multiple stages and each stage has been described in detail -


An auspicious day in the groom's house -

The engagement ceremony is an important milestone in a South Indian wedding as it marks the formal announcement of the wedding.

This ceremony is usually held at the groom's house, and the bride's family is invited to attend.The priest performs a puja to bless the couple.

The exchange of rings is a key highlight of this ceremony.

THE MEHENDI CEREMONY (A day before the wedding)

(The bride sits in the centre and the female guests apply henna designs on her hands and feet. The groom also arrives with his family to join the celebrations.)

The Mehendi ceremony is a fun-filled pre-wedding ritual in which the bride's hands and feet are adorned with intricate henna designs. This ceremony is usually held a day before the wedding, and it is a fun-filled occasion where both the bride and the groom's family come together to celebrate.

The Mehendi ceremony is a great opportunity for the bride and groom's families to bond and get to know each other. It is a joyous occasion filled with music, dance, and lots of good food.

THE WEDDING DAY (A traditional South Indian wedding)

The wedding day is the most important day in any couple's life. A South Indian wedding is a grand affair that involves multiple rituals and customs.

(The groom arrives at the wedding venue, accompanied by his family and friends. The bride's family welcomes the groom with aarti and flowers. The bride, who is waiting inside the wedding hall, is escorted to the mandapam by her family.)

The wedding ceremony takes place at the mandapam, which is a canopy-like structure decorated with flowers and lights. The priest performs a puja to bless the couple, and the bride and groom exchange garlands.

( The groom ties the mangalsutra around the bride's neck, and the couple takes seven vows or pheras around the sacred fire. The priest performs various mantras and blessings )

The wedding ceremony concludes with the newlyweds seeking blessings from the elders and guests.

THE RECEPTION CEREMONY (A grand celebration)

The reception ceremony is a grand celebration that takes place after the wedding. This ceremony is usually held in a banquet hall or a hotel, and it is an opportunity for the couple to celebrate their wedding with family and friends.

( The couple arrives at the reception venue, and they are welcomed with music and dance. The guests are treated to a sumptuous meal, and the couple cuts their wedding cake )

The reception ceremony is a grand finale to the wedding celebrations. It is a time to dance, eat, and be merry. The couple also receives gifts and blessings from their guests.

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