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A love that stood the test of time, celebrated in Six unforgettable days <3

Each decade depicts a different time period of change. Its almost like we live in a span of 7 to 8 decades, if lucky, maybe hit that century before you return to your cosmic form.

Between this time period, you do so much, meet so many people, you fail, you suceed and the most important chapter as popularised by Theatre/Cinema...... you fall in love.

Here's one such beautiful story of Kavya and Zubin. They met at the beginning of a particular decade and decided to never let go.

Here's a sneak peak of the mehendi event, where the excitement of bride and the groom stained brighter than the colour of the mehendi.

The welcome ceremony was adorned with warm embraces, wide smiles and silly giggles which chimed with the dhol and the joyous dance. At this point in time, the energy and emotions was off the roofs and we knew what we were getting into.

This was followed by the Haldi ceremony where friends and family enjoyed painting the town yellow, literally. Inspite of the culture differences, everyone came together in high spirits and set an example on how cultures are supposed to be embraced.

As the hues of sky changed shades and night fell upon us, out came the bright lanterns and fireworks, which just added to the grandeur of our gorgeous couple. Their smiles not less bright than the lanterns, however, their excitement way extravagant than the fireworks. And why shouldn't it be..... it was the Sangeeth after all. From family and friends to the couple, everyone had their dancing shoes on and left us all in awe. They danced the night away, in the most literal sense and also, overjoyed the day that was about to follow.

The wedding day, a day everyone would be apprehensive about where nerves were high, emotions were beyond the brim and hearts were overwhelmed with sheer gratitude. A dream, suddenly, come true after a decade of being together.